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by mangangs

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"What is learned by an individual cannot be directly inherited by its descendants but the genetic coding can become modified by natural selection to give the capacity to respond appropriately to objects or situations encountered for the first time by the individual patterns of behaviour and the ability to recognise objects such as longstanding enemies is as important to the survival of a creature as is its structure indeed the limbs and the senses are useless unless they are used to effect just as useless as tools without the skill to guide and direct them."
"In general distant objects look too small in a photograph it is a common and sad experience that a grand mountain range comes out looking like a pitiful row of mole hills the situation here is curious the camera gives true geometrical perspective but because we do not see the world as it is projected on the retina or a camera the photograph looks wrong it should not surprise us that primitive people make little or nothing of photographs indeed it is fortunate that perspective was invented before the camera or we might have had great difficulty in accepting photographs as other than weird distortions as it is photo graphs can look quite wrong particularly when the camera is not held horizontally aiming a camera upwards to take in a tall building gives the impression of the building falling backwards and yet this is the true perspective."
"The cerebral cortex concerned with thought are comparatively juvenile by comparison with the ancient striate area responsible for seeing the perceptual system does not always agree with the rational thinking cortex to the cortex the distance of the moon is four hundred thousand km to the visual part of the brain it is a mere few hundred metres though in this instance the cortical view is the correct one the striate area is never informed and we still see the moon as though it lay almost within our grasp the visual brain has its own logic and preferences which are not understood cortically some objects are beautiful others ugly but we have no idea for all the theories which have been put forward why this should be so the answer."


released June 11, 2023





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